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Norma Ami
Stella Huma
Rodina Huma
Rodina Huma
Rodina Huma
Alton Komalestewa
Emogene Lomakema
Sylvia Naha
Helen Naha
Rainey Naha
Priscilla Namingha
Priscilla Namingha
Leah Nampeyo
Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva
Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva
Joy Navasie
Jean Sahme Nampeyo
Mark Tahbo
Iris Youvella Nampeyo
Shouldered Jar with Corn Appliqué (#94)

Youvella Nampeyo comes from a distinguished family of potters; her mother was Fannie Nampeyo and her grandmother Nampeyo was the matriarch of contemporary Hopi-Tewa pottery. Her graceful and unadorned pots emphasize form and craft. The corn applique is a refined way to represent what others use paint to do.

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