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Norma Ami
Stella Huma
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Rodina Huma
Rodina Huma
Alton Komalestewa
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Sylvia Naha
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Rainey Naha
Priscilla Namingha
Priscilla Namingha
Leah Nampeyo
Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva
Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva
Joy Navasie
Jean Sahme Nampeyo
Mark Tahbo
Iris Youvella Nampeyo
Hopi Polychrome Jar (#16)
Stella Huma (1917–1996)— Hopi-Tewa

Hopi-Tewa potters use a set of symbols that they combine in endless variations. Usually it is the individual symbols that have meaning rather than the combination of these design elements.

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