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Rodina Huma
Rodina Huma
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Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva
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Polychrome Vase (#91)
Rodina Huma (b.1947) — Hopi-Tewa

Huma is best known for her intricate fine-line work containing hundreds of small square Sikyatki designs. Ideas for her designs come from hiking into the nearby Sityakti ruins.

There is sometimes considerable difference of opinion about what non-Native scholars call ruins, or archaeological sites. While in the non-Native world there is an assumption of abandonment of these old villages, Native people's cultural practices and narratives tell us that the villages are never abandoned or unoccupied. These sites are living places; the traditions available to living descendants. The continued relevance of these villages includes the use of ancestral pottery to inspire contemporary potters.

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