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Jim Abieta
Jim Abieta
Jim Abieta
Jim Abieta
Nathan Begay
Nathan Begay
Rena Billie
Rena Billie
Louise Goodman
Martha Gordon
Mary Kee
Charles Lee
Lucy Leuppe McKelvy
Cecelia Nelson
Ida Sahme
Jennie Thomas
Tony Tso
Faye Tso
Sue Williams
Sally Yazzie
Lola Yazzie
Pitch-Covered Jar with Clay Applique Bear Motif (#44)
Faye Tso (1934–2004)— Navajo (Diné)

Faye Tso was one of the first Navajo potters to use pictorial imagery including images of corn maidens, warriors and dancers. In addition to pottery making, she was a noted medicine woman and herbal healer and her husband and son, also healers, frequently used her pottery in their ceremonies. When she began using pictorial imagery it was quite controversial among Navajo people because Navajo religious philosophy discouraged the decoration of pottery. Her position as a respected healer helped guide her in bringing changes to Navajo pottery.

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